Thursday, March 23, 2017

You are invited to a Fish Fry!

It's been while. Every time I am working on new patterns, I seem to take a leave of absence from posting. I just don't know how to perfect the patterns and do anything else that distracts me. But I will have some posts all together here for the next while, revealing the latest three releases. They are ready and no other pattern projects in the feed dogs!
So here's Fish Fry.....oven mitt! The wrap-around oven mitt is great for retrieving hot casserole dishes from the oven! There is thermal fleece on the side that touches the heat source and heavy-weight interfacing on the back-of-hand side. The back-of-hand side convexes a bit, making it real easy to slip the oven mitts on in a hurry!
Versions include the double-handed mitt and a single-hand mitt! One size fits all!

And as always in Vanilla House patterns, the instructions are very thorough, with an illustration per every step.
This pattern is available in your local independent craft store (soon), or you can buy direct from our website, either a paper pattern by post or download an epattern (vhE222).

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Watercolor Floral

Still working on learning repeat patterns. Infact, I have been taking Bonnie Christine's class on Skillshare titled "Water Color for Surface Pattern Design: Working with Adobe Illustrator".  Not only do you create a repeat pattern, you learn how to develop a pattern with watercolors, then learn to swap out the paint colors for any color story you want in Illustrator, and then turn it into a repeat print. Still playing with other color stories for the same print. Now the print itself is not that great, but the point is that I learned so much and Love the process!

Different colors, different backgrounds, different scales -- all with Illustrator! Again, not the greatest print -- but look at all the possibilities!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Oh, the Hue-Manatee!

My daughter Rachel Jaggers, Spotted Pepper Designs, is a great textile and surface pattern designer. She recently had one of her prints published on Bucketfeet shoes. I believe she is ending up being one of Bucketfeet's best sellers. I finally received my shoes the other day. LOVE THEM! and proud of the budding artist that she is becoming!!

Oh! the Hue-Manatee! by Bucketfeet!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Merry Moosemas!

So here's another one of my surface prints. This was actually my first design and  I was particularly interested in making sure the colors popped! I think that happened!

By Designer Barbara Brunson

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Learning to evolve in pattern design - sure is hard!

So there is no question that my industry catering to the independent quilt shop has changed drastically over the years. I can remember when I first started in 1994, I designed soft sculpture like crazy. In 2000, that stopped almost overnight. I re-invented myself and came up with other projects besides soft sculpture, like aprons and purses and knick knacks, oh my! That did great until the landscape changed once more. Time to re-invent aaagainnn -- though granted  ----  lots of room for evolution but not a lot of room to replace my sales in this type of market place because the dollars are spread out very thin over a much larger space. So I practice in all sorts of areas --- like online forums, social networking, etc. And surface pattern is now much easier to participate in. Don't know if I will ever publish and make any money from it but it is certainly fun to develop my skills. See the cute print below:

Barbara Brunson's Sweet Dreamin' Critters!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trendy Color Palette

I like the following project for it's color palette. It is fun to take a project, put it in Illustrator, and use the eyedropper to establish it's color palette. I don't know what other software programs can display the palette but Illustrator does a great job! Love these colors. Turquoise is trending strongly right now!!

Runner on my bed in my new bedroom. The room is accented with turquoise ribbon of color. I also use black accents like the pillows, smaller sofa, some furniture, and picture frames. The basic neutral palette of the room makes changing the colors very easy to do if I want to!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sewing from point to point!

It can be challenging sewing a straight line from a particular point to another particular point without some for of reference except the ending points. The Manhattan Bag below has seams sewn on the folds of the bag and represent the technique I am addressing:

 When you have the purse panel flat, you sew from point 1 to point 2 to point 3, and to finish at point 4. There are no guide lines. I put pins at all points and simply sight from pin to pin and sew for it!!!!. 

Sometimes, I press crease marks from point to point, then sew on the crease lines.  This works pretty well.

A third method would be to use seam tape or some kind of 1/4" masking tape. The following picture shows what we mean:

I tried to put tape on all three seams but this particular tape started to fall off before I could finish the seams. Though I love this tape, a different tape might work better for this technique. I sewed right next to one side of the tape.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Simple Way of Threading Buttons for Fabric Caddies

Some of the caddy versions have buttons (maybe as many as five) on the top trim for embellishment. Looks cute, right!?! But sewing on the buttons, each one by hand, especially if making several caddies, is a nightmare. 
Well, I don't! I pre-thread them and hot glue them on -- so much easier. 
I had one suggestion to use your machine button attach option. Sew each button to a spare piece of fabric, cut the buttons off the fabric, and hot glue them then. But the little swatch of fabric on the back of the button in this process gets in the way of hot gluing the button thoroughly. 
So below are pics of my process:  
Really cute to have buttons on the top -- but it would be a nightmare sewing them all on by hand!

Make a group of threads, maybe ten strands thick and thread your first button.

Tie a knot on the back as shown. The end of the thread is only 2" long or less -- don't waste your thread here.

Cut off the thread right at the knot. You can use your ten-strand thread thing to knot several buttons. The whole process goes pretty fast. Then hot glue the buttons to the trim of each caddy.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

More projects for the Sisters Quilt Show!

Two more projects made up for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show! -- showing a the Stitchin' Post! Wish I were going this year!

Here's the description of the Quilt Show from their website:

"Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show™ (SOQS) is internationally recognized as the world's largest outdoor quilt show and quilt sale displaying more than 1300 quilts representing fiber artists from around the world.
More than 10,000 visitors from all 50 states and 27 foreign countries flock to Sisters on the second Saturday in July. Master quilt makers teach classes and workshops during Quilt Week and exhibit their quilts at our annual Quilt Show. In addition, hundreds of quilts are displayed in our "show-and-tell" exhibits - first time quilters, youth, quilts made by men - throughout the town of Sisters. Quilt exhibitors range in age from 10-92."

Here's the last two projects I sent to the Stitchin' Post.Thanks to Jean Wells for letting me participate in a small way!

Manhattan Bag! P220! Love her fabric choices!

Ergo Oven Mitt! P217! The weird-shaped oven mitt!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Valerie Wells fabric -- projects for Sisters Quilt Show!

Jean Wells asked if I would make some samples for the Sisters Quilt Show! Sure! The following pics show the Boho Four Corners and Fabric Caddies using Valerie Wells new fabric. I just love her new fabric.

Boho Four Corners P216 using Valerie Wells' new block print fabrics.

Fabric Caddies P221 using Valerie Wells' new block print fabrics.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

More Quilt Market pics!

Some more  pictures from Quilt Market:

The day before the show starts!

Vanilla House: Boho 4 Corners and Manhattan Bag!

Vanilla House: The Place Setting, Ergo Mitts, and Fabric Caddies!

Interesting display!

Nice Booth!

Cute way to display fabrics!

Loved this booth by Riley Blake!

Huge favorite of many!

One of our favorites

Pretty quilts - cute way to do the floor!
Tula Pink - a favorite of many!

Love these quilts!

Special exhibits - amazing quilt!

Another amazing quilt in Timeless Treasures!

Interesting display of Moda designers!

Bonnie's (of 'Bonnie and Camille') display in Moda!

My favorite booth - think it is the trees!

Favorite baby quilts - the one with monsters and the one with elephants!

Favorite art quilt - it's the Oregon mushroom thing!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

SLC Quilt Market Drawing Winners!

I haven't told the recipients yet but here are the winners for our two SLC Quilt Market drawings!

The first drawing was open to everyone who put a card in the jar! They would win a sample packet of our six new patterns. I want to send a few other patterns too. I love giving away patterns! 

Our winner is:
Spinning Spools of New Ulm, Minnesota

Our  second drawing was for any shop who put in a minimum order! They win a a sample packet of our six new patterns and a model of their choice. They picked "The Place Setting" P215, which actually came out last fall.

The winner is:
The Quilt Asylum of McKinney, Texas

"The Place Setting" P215.

Pretty soon, they will see their gifts show up in their shops. 
Congratulations to Spinning Spools and The Quilt Asylum!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Spring Quilt Market Review Begins!

We're home from Spring 2016 Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are going to share lots   -- but first, we must get our orders out! So maybe tomorrow, I will get the pics of Market posted. For now, here's our booth.

We had a good show! Lots of visitors to our booth -- lots of interest. Orders were average though! Shops need to know to order direct from us at Market and not the distributors. We love our distributors, but at the Show, we need shops to order direct to make it worth the reason we are there! Thanks to all the shops that did order from us at the show! Thank you, thank you!

And though we had lots of interest, I think attendance was half what it should be. Many vendors were pretty disappointed there wasn't more traffic. I don't quite know what Quilts, Inc should do but they need to get more traffic at their shows! 

For the shops point of view, I think they loved the show. Displays, booths, vendors, etc. went all out and gave a good offering. Lots of beautiful things to look at and buy. Congrats to all vendors  -- we did FABULOUS!

So here's our booth:

Vanilla House Designs, Booth 1232 at Quilt Market (Spring 2016) in Salt Lake City, Utah!
PS. Market Drawing Winners will be announced in a few days! Stay tuned!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Boo is in on the photo shoot!

Nabou (or Boo) is getting in on the photo shoot! She is now about 15 (human) years old. Though pretty, she is scruffy   -- cause she won't let me brush her anymore without nipping me! 

Nabou (Boo)! with Manhattan Bag (P220)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Also showing at Spring Quilt Market!

We are also showing these beauties at Spring Quilt Market!

"The Place Setting" P215 Place mats, napkins with napkin rings, and bread basket!

"Basket Liners" P213 Customize any square or rectangle basket with the  Basket Liner formula!

"Sew ImPressed" P209 Pressing boards with a pocket to hold and carry your grid rulers!